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Hi, I am Janice Hardin

In 2003, I started my business Back Office Wizard as an independent transaction coordinator by assisting realtors to coordinate their transactions, keep them in compliance, managing their marketing campaigns, and stay on top of the escrow process. I managed each transaction as a project requiring multiple tasks to be accomplished within a specific timeframe. By streamlining the paperwork process, and taking charge of the agent’s transactions, the agents could receive their commission quicker.

My Professional Accomplishments

My most notable professional accomplishment in the real estate industry was developing a profitable niche market of clients as the real estate economy started declining.

I obtained my real estate license in 1989 when the Sacramento region housing market was on the upswing. This enabled me to invest in homes at rock bottom prices. In 2001, I was laid off from my fulltime job at Intel. I jumped into real estate as my full-time profession.

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