Virtual Marketing Coordinator and Digital Office Automation

Back Office Wizard Service Offerings

Back Office Wizard coordinates and completes all of the routine administrative tasks essential to running an office efficiently. With our decades of industry experience, we have come to understand the requirements of any office to run smoothly. BOW may only work for 10-50 hours over the course of an entire month. BOW can be hired for specific tasks/projects that are short in duration.

  • Initial Home Office Set-up
  • Virtual Workforce Set-up
  • Manual system – all paper / Partial migration (somewhat automated)
  • Uploading and downloading files
  • Backing up important documents
  • Posting to social media
  • Designing images for social media posts
  • Data entry and/or spreadsheet work
  • Database management; i.e., database design, contact management and development, spreadsheet design, update databases
  • Professional proofreading
  • Real Estate Admin, Transaction coordinator, File auditor
  • Medical billing and coding, Medical Office Assistance
  • Market Research BOW can do the ground work of researching for your business, brand, and whether it’s identifying potential investors, finding events or office space or gathering market data. BOW will Research market data, plot competition, goals, market share


BOW – the virtual assistant can be hired for specific tasks that are not long term as well. This means you can hire them just to research potential investors, or just to gather data on social media presence and reach and report back to you.

Our experience tells us often that virtual assistants only work for 10 to 50 hours over the course of an entire month.

We perform all tasks that must be completed to keep a business operational.

Marketing Capabilities

  • Project management
  • Manage Customer inquiries
  • Online market research

Email Marketing

  • Clients email management
  • Mailing list creation
  • Email campaigns
  • Email templates
  • Newsletter scheduling

Social Media Assistance

  • Scheduling social posts
  • Website maintenance
  • Social media maintenance
  • Editing and proofreading blogs posts

Personal Concierge Services

  • Appointment setting
  • Travel arrangements
  • Order processing
  • Data entry
  • Membership directories
  • File management


  • Marketing assistance
  • Virtual real estate assistance
  • Social media assistance
  • Personal assistance
  • List segmentation
  • Medical transcription services

Event Scheduling & Planning

  • Calendar management
  • Agenda management
  • Meeting and seminar planning
  • Product launch management
  • Press releases
  • Speaking engagements
  • organizing company dinners and other corporate functions

Managing Your Inbox

  • Autoresponders
  • Answering emails

BOW is the culmination of nearly two decades of industry experience.

Back Office Wizard is smart and proficient.